About Us

We are providing easy and safe educational kits and programs to young students worldwide, especially focusing on clean energy with scientific knowledge.

We hope this kind of scientific knowledge can give a special inspiration to the students who will keep our planet clean and in peace for their next generations as what we have to do for them.


Studying educational kits and related solutions especially in electrics and electronics, recently we have announced our brand new solutions,

"SOKIT Magnetic Circuit Connecting Systems" which is powerfully useful for students' electronic educations, such as electric/electronic circuits, mini-computers and coding and making


SOKIT Inc. is established in 2009, located in Seoul Korea, with skilled experts.

Our Business

Our mission is to help students to understand, generate and utilize the electricity to make their own outputs.

- Understanding the principle of generating electricity

      Solar/Wind generation, Piezoelectric power

- Getting starting in Electrics / Electronics

     SOKIT Modules, SOKIT Connectors

- Making outputs with above understanding

     Coding, Making

Our Products

1. micro:bit SOKIT

2. SOKIT Modules


3.Green Energy Educational Kits

    Mini Solar Car Kits

    DIY Solar Panel Kits

    Wind Generator Kits

    Piezoelectric power Kits