SOKIT Products  

micro:bit SOKIT

 'micro:bit SOKIT' has extened feature added on the basic of micro:bit,

 that is 'magnetic connecting solution', provided by 'SOKIT Pad',

 which is assembled with micro:bit processor.  

There are  5 magnetic connectable bases corresponding to the 5 terminals of micro:bit proccesor, to perform various 'Lessons and Projects' with magnetic connections.

 And you can find it is very easy, brief and safe for young students.

SOKIT Modules 

SOKIT Modules are "electronic elements" with colored bodies.

Let your little one have fun learning to build circuits with these colorful Electronic modules.  


Green Energy Educational Kits

DIY Educational Kits to make your own electricity.

    . DIY Mini Solar Car Kit

    . DIY Solar Panel Kit

    . DIY Mini Turbine Kit

    . Piezoelectric Kit